Fulham FC Foundation is committed to the wellbeing and safety of all participants and young people who are under the Club’s care or utilising the Club’s facilities. It is the duty of all adults working at the Club to safeguard the welfare of participants and young people by creating an environment that protects them from harm.

The aims of Fulham FC Foundation’s Safeguarding Participants Policy are to:

  • Safeguard all participants and young people who interact with the Club.
  • Demonstrate best practice in the area of Safeguarding participants.
  • Positively reflect and promote the Club Values (Pioneers, Confident Custodians, Action Orientated, Open & Inclusive and Service Excellence) in regard to safeguarding participants.
  • Develop a positive and pro-active welfare programme to enable all participants and young people to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment.
  • Encourage parents and other members of the participant or young person’s family to be involved in a positive relationship with the Club.
  • Ensure that coaches, parents and other adults who come in contact with participants and young people provide good role models of behaviour.
  • Promote high ethical standards throughout the Club.

Fulham FC Foundation's full safeguarding policy is available upon request from

Barnardo's Safeguarding Report

We are very proud to receive a judgement of ‘Very Good’ from our most recent Barnardo’s audit. Fulham FC and Fulham FC Foundation are very ambitious within this area of work and we take the safety and wellbeing needs of our players and participants as the highest possible priority. We are fully committed to maintaining and where possible improving any area of provision that will increase the safety, wellbeing and enjoyment of our players and participants.

The Barnardo’s report summarised the work of Fulham FC and Fulham FC Foundation:

"Staff, at all levels, not only demonstrate an understanding of the safeguarding responsibilities of their respective roles, but also of their active commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment in which young people and players are safe and can thrive."

For any safeguarding questions, please contact


Code of Conduct

We want everyone attending Fulham FC Foundation activities to have a fun and safe experience and so we have created a Code of Conduct for all participants.

Whilst taking part in our activities, we would like all participants to:

The essentials
  • Keep themselves safe by listening to their coach or tutor, behaving responsibly and speak out when something isn’t right
  • When with us, stay in the places where they are supposed to, not wander off or leave without telling a member of staff
  • Take care of our equipment and premises as if they were their own
  • Bring the correct kit to sessions and wear clothing appropriate for the weather

  • Represent and celebrate difference in our activities and do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of ability, gender, race or sexual orientation
  • Report any incidents of bullying, including homophobia and transphobia to a member of staff, even if they are just a witness
  • Treat other people with respect and appreciate that everyone has different levels of skill and talent
  • Help make our activities a welcome and friendly place to be
  • Support and encourage their team mates. Tell them when they’ve done well and be there for them when they are struggling
  • Respect our staff
  • Be a good sport, celebrate when we win and be gracious when we lose
  • Play by the rules and have fun
  • Apply our behaviour principles when online

Whilst participating in our activities, we understand participants have the right to:
  • Enjoy the time they spend with us and know that they are safe
  • Be told who they can talk to if something isn’t right
  • Be listened to
  • Be respected by us and other team members and be treated fairly
  • Feel welcomed, valued and not judged based on ability, race, gender or sexuality
  • Be encouraged and develop skills with our help
  • Be looked after and if there’s an accident, injury or incident and have their next of kin informed

Behaviour management
We expect all participants to follow the behaviours and requests set out in this code. If any participant behaves in a way which contradicts any of the points set out above, we’ll address the problem straight away and aim to resolve the issue.

We will always work to support our participants, however, to ensure the safety, welfare and enjoyment for all, our coaches may issue timeouts, yellow cards and formal warnings. Continued or serious breaches of our code of conduct could lead to participants being suspended from our activities. If a serious incident occurs, we will always involve all parties and parents, where relevant. Wherever possible we’ll always try to keep everyone playing.

Terms & Conditions

1.1. Fulham Football Club Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1111639) has its registered office at Fulham FC Training Ground, Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6PT (registered in England No: 4573248). When a customer books a place on a course through this website the customer enters a contract with Fulham Football Club Foundation. In these terms and conditions, a reference to 'we', 'us', 'our' or 'FFCF' refers to Fulham Football Club Foundation. A reference to 'FFC' refers to Fulham Football Club. Any reference to 'course(s)' refers to any course that is listed on ('Website'). A reference to 'customer' refers to the person applying to book a course and a reference to 'consumer' refers to the person for whom a place on the course is booked.

2.1. All applications must be accompanied by payment in full of the associated course fee.

2.2. All fees and charges are inclusive of V.A.T.

2.3. The customer must ensure that the consumer is physically fit and able to participate in the sporting activities and the customer accepts all risks that are a result of course participation when booking on to the course (see point 5.3 below.)

2.4. Places on all courses are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

2.5. If the customer is not the consumer's parent or guardian, the customer confirms that they have made such parent or guardian fully aware of the booking and the terms and conditions associated with the booking (and the parent or guardian has agreed to them). When booking by telephone, the customer is agreeing to our terms and conditions at the time of the booking via our administrator.

3.1. If wishing to cancel an accepted booking, please contact FFCF on 0208 336 7547.

3.2. The customer may cancel their booking and receive the bookings equivalent value in credit to their e-wallet account on the website, providing the cancellation is made 3 working days prior to the course commencing (see point 11 below).

3.3. The customer will receive no credit or refund for cancellations made within 3 working days prior to the course commencing.

3.4. The customer may cancel their booking within 24 hours of the booking being accepted and receive a full refund, except when the booking is made less than 3 working days prior to the course commencing, in line with 3.2. Refunds outside of this period will only be given in extreme circumstances, at the discretion of FFCF.

3.5. All courses are subject to change at the discretion of FFCF. If FFCF have to cancel a course for whatever reason the customer will be offered an alternative course (if available and suitable), e-wallet credit for a future course (see point 11 below), refund or the option to donate the value of their booking to FFCF. If the customer fails to request to one of the options presented within 12 months of receiving the option information, the value of that booking will be treated as a donation to FFCF.

3.6 If by any reason of any Event of Force Majeure FFCF is delayed in, or prevented from performing any of the provisions of the booking or delivering any services to the customer then such delay or non-performance or non-delivery shall not constitute a breach of these terms and conditions, and the obligations of FFCF shall be suspended for the full duration of such Event of Force Majeure. FFCF shall not be liable to the customer for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising as a direct or indirect result of breach or non-performance of this Agreement due to an Event of Force Majeure. For the purpose of this clause: Event of Force Majeure shall mean "any event affecting the performance of any provision of this booking arising from or attributable to acts, events, omissions or accidents which are beyond the reasonable control of FFCF including any abnormally inclement weather, flood, lightning, storm, fire, explosion, earthquake, subsidence, structural damage, epidemic, pandemic or other natural physical disaster, failure or shortage of power supplies, war, military operations, riot, crowd disorder, strike, lock-outs or other industrial action, terrorist action, civil commotion and any legislation, regulation, ruling or omissions (including failure to grant any necessary permissions) of any relevant government, court or any competent national or international authority or Governing Body. For the avoidance of doubt, any decision or order of the Government, the Safety Advisory Group, the Police or any Governing Body which prevents the FFCF from taking bookings shall be an Event of Force Majeure"

4.1. FFCF are entitled to receive additional medical information for the consumer from the customer, subject to the information provided at the time of the booking.

4.2. In the case that the consumer needs medical attention during any course, the customer agrees to FFCF arranging for any appropriate and necessary treatment. FFCF will endeavour to contact the customer and obtain their consent to any decision regarding the arrangement of such treatment. However, the customer acknowledges and agrees that in emergency situations FFCF may not be able to contact the customer and may proceed to arrange and consent to such treatment without the customers consent. In arranging or sanctioning any treatment, FFCF will take advice of suitably qualified doctors and clinicians and the customer agrees that FFCF and the associated doctors and clinicians are entitled to assume that the medical information supplied by the customer at the time of the booking is complete, accurate and up to date.

4.3. Due to the ongoing COVID-pandemic, FFCF requires that a number of documents are completed prior to the attendance at a course (or immediately prior) as FFCF determines in its sole discretion. FFCF will provide the documents as part of the booking process or at the venue on the date of the course. FFCF may refuse entry to any participant or their parent and/or guardian who fails to provide the documentation and required information by the date of the course.

4.4 You acknowledge that if you experience any new or existing medical conditions, or COVID-19 symptoms, you will notify Fulham FC Foundation immediately.

5.1. FFCF will not be responsible for any items lost or left behind at any courses.

5.2. The cost of any damage to any property or facilities caused by the customer or consumer that has been booked on to the course will be passed on to the customer.

5.3. Except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from any negligence of FFCF, neither FFCF nor any of its officers, employees or agents shall be responsible for (whether in tort, contract or otherwise): (i) any loss, damage or injury to any consumer or to any property belonging to consumer or customer in relation to the course, resulting from any cause whatsoever; (ii) for any loss of profit, loss of use, loss of opportunity or any indirect, economic or consequential losses whatsoever; and/or (iii) any losses arising from any cancelation, postponement or rearrangement of a course including but not being limited to any indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of enjoyment or travel/accommodation costs.

6.1. We shall comply with applicable UK Data Protection legislation in respect of any personal/sensitive data information relating to you gathered by us.

6.2. We are a registered data controller in the United Kingdom and our registration number is Z9267070.

6.3. You acknowledge that in booking a course you may provide FFCF with certain personal details about yourself ("Personal Data"). All Personal Data collected by FFCF using the booking confirmation or otherwise in connection with booking courses will only be held and used with care and in accordance to any applicable legislation and in accordance with FFCF's privacy policy, which can be found at the following link (Privacy Policy).

6.4. At each location where information is requested there is a statement about the purpose for which that information will be used. We will not use the information given for any other purpose than that stated at each location or as set out in our Privacy Policy which sets out further information about our use of User Information

6.5. Please email to notify us of any changes to the information you have previously given or if you wish to withdraw your consent to our using the User Information for the stated purposes or for any form of promotional contact. Otherwise please log into your customer account and update your preferences under the 'My contact details' page.

7.1. Neither the customer nor the consumer shall disclose or use any aspect of any FFCF course for commercial purposes. Course places cannot be resold for any commercial gain.

8.1. FFCF prioritise the safety and wellbeing of all consumers who attend any FFCF course. FFCF therefore reserve the right to remove any consumer from a FFCF course, without refund, that is found bullying, behaving in a way that may be a danger to others, or who is generally disruptive.

8.2. All consumers acknowledge and agree to adhere to certain behaviour codes introduced by FFCF or the relevant Governing Body. FFCF will endeavour to provide all consumers a copy of the relevant code on request.

8.3 FFCF do not allow cameras, telephone images, video or other filming or recording equipment on courses by anyone other than our own FFCF or FFC officially designated photographers and accordingly neither the customer nor the consumer may record or attempt to photograph or record (whether permanently or transiently) or transmit moving images or voices of any consumer, customer, FFCF/FFC staff member or any other person attending the course. FFCF do not guarantee that every consumer will be photographed on his or her chosen course by a FFC/FCCF designated photographer. If you do not wish your participant to be included in any imagery you have this right and should state your wishes at the relevant point within the booking process by ticking the No box.

9.1. FFCF reserve the right to limit access to any venues used for their courses. Customers may be able to stay and watch a course (with the exception of courses held at FFC's Training Ground, Motspur Park) but this will be at the discretion of FFCF or FFC.

10.1. E-vouchers must be redeemed at

10.2. E-vouchers cannot be used to pay for e-vouchers.

10.3. E-vouchers have no cash redemption value and are not transferable or assignable.

10.4. If the order exceeds the amount of the e-voucher, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card.

10.5. If the order is less than the amount of the e-voucher, the balance is credited into the customer's e-wallet

10.6. E-vouchers and unused portions of e-vouchers expire one year from the date of issue, where permissible under applicable law.

10.7. All Fulham Soccer School booking terms and conditions apply.

10.8. Only one e-voucher can be redeemed against a booking.

10.9. Promo codes are not valid against bookings using e-vouchers.

10.10. No responsibility will be accepted by FFCF for lost, stolen or damaged e-vouchers and such vouchers shall not be refunded.

10.11. E-vouchers can only be redeemed against UK courses.

10.12. Bookings made using e-vouchers as payment are non-refundable.

11.1. E-wallet credit must be redeemed at only.

11.2. E-wallet credit cannot be used to pay for e-vouchers.

11.3. E-wallet credit has no cash redemption value and is not transferable or assignable.

11.4. If the order exceeds the amount of the e-wallet credit, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card.

11.5. Unused portions of e-wallet credit may expire one year from the date of issue, where permissible under applicable law.

11.6. All Fulham Soccer School booking terms and conditions apply.

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