Coaches Top Tip - Creating Space

In the most recent of our 'Coaches Top Tip' features, we caught up with one of our coaches, Timo, at Surrey Sports Park, to discuss the importance of creating space in football and how young players can improve their ability.

Timo, thanks for joining us for 'Coaches Top Tip'. For this edition we're talking about creating space. In your opinion, how important is the ability to create space in football?

"In my opinion, creating space is a fundamental skill in football. I feel all players, young and old, need to grasp the necessary tools in order to be able to create space during football games and practice both with and without the ball. By being able to do this effectively, as well as with the right timing, it can create good team play and opportunities to score a goal."

Time on the ball is a precious commodity in football – which players, in your opinion, should children watch to perfect the art of creating space on the ball?

"In my opinion, I would say players for children to watch would be Scott Parker, Tom Huddlestone, Andrea Pirlo, and Mezut Özil. They all play in areas where they receive the ball under pressure and it is crucial that they are able to create space before making a pass. They are all also able to turn on the ball in tight areas and to drift into areas of space to help keep possession for their side."

It’s not always about what you do with the ball, but being a team player and creating space for others. What other ways are there to create space for team mates?

"Absolutely, football is a team game with 11 players playing together. You can create space for team members by making runs off the ball into spaces. Sometimes running ahead of the man on the ball causes problems for the opposition and allows time for the player in possession to travel with the ball.

A key way to do this is to make good, overlapping runs, in order to create two-on-one situations. These types of runs are extremely difficult to defend against when used effectively.”

Check out the video below to see three simple drills to help your child create space on the football pitch.

Your child can join our coaches at Surrey Sports Park to improve their skills.To book for Surrey Sports Park, visit 'Our Venues' and select Surrey Sports Park from the menu.

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